How to sync signature and signed document to google drive?

You can use the Sync to drive Formesign menu option to automatically sync the signature, signed document and other uploaded files to your google drive.

Sync to drive

  • Open your form in Google Forms

  • Click on the addon icon

  • Click Formesign

  • Click Sync to drive

  • Select the preferred folder and click Select

  • Click Preview to test the form

For detailed instructions, refer to the screenshots below.

Step 1: Open your form in Google Forms > click on the addon icon > click Formesign
Step 2: Formesign addon menu options will be displayed > click Sync to drive
Step 3: Setup wizard will be displayed > select the folder where you would like to store the files and click Select
Step 4: Click Proceed to edit the form or click Preview to test the sync
Step 5: The addon creates a subfolder E-signature (File responses) under the selected folder.
Step 6: Whenever a user fills the form and submits it, the addon automatically generates a pdf document with the e-signatures and syncs it to your google drive.

The default file name includes the unique id generated for each response. You can customize your form to include the name or email in the file name.

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