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Make your Google Forms HIPAA compliant

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I am 100% a fan of this company. We use HIPAA compliant Google Forms and needed a way to collect signatures, the industry standard company is TOO expensive. I started using FormEsign and it worked perfectly. It lacked the ability to provide a pdf copy of the form after signature. This company worked with me help their product evolve into something that could benefit all future clients AND the end user.

I am not tech savvy. I chose formesign to help create registration links for clients. My company now has moved from the stone age to modern age through the ability to use this feature. Of the many features I am impressed with, the ability to update a form without needing to regenerate a link is amazing. I often make mistakes and that ability allows me to fix mistakes without needing to change everything. Thank you!!!

We found in Formesign a perfect solution to collect a big amount of signatures for consent forms in a short amount of time. Our experience was great and the support team was really helpful.

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Why us?

HIPAA Compliance

The Care Assessment tool is designed to be HIPAA compliant, ensuring the privacy and security of individuals' protected health information (PHI).

Prebuilt templates

We offers a prebuilt template feature, providing ready-to-use assessment templates for common care scenarios. These templates are designed based on best practices and industry standards, saving users time and effort in creating assessments from scratch.

Customizable Feedback

Our tool includes a customizable feedback feature that allows users to tailor the feedback provided to individuals based on their assessment results.